Crypto: Moving America Forward – Coinbase Launches Ad Campaign

Coinbase Launches Advertising Campaign to Highlight Crypto

• Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, launches a national advertising campaign called Crypto: Moving America Forward.
• The campaign focuses on crypto technology’s potential for the global financial system and making clear that US global economic leadership and national security are at risk if it cedes its role in building technology related to financial infrastructure.
• A March report from venture capital firm Electric Capital says that the US could miss out on significant technological and economic opportunities because of its regulatory stance on digital assets.

Coinbase Launches New Advertising Campaign

Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, has rolled out a new marketing initiative that puts the spotlight on crypto technology’s transformative potential for the global financial system. According to Coinbase, their national advertising campaign aptly named “Crypto: Moving America Forward” also shows what is at stake if the US fails to advance with crypto given that other nations like China are making significant progress with this technology.

The ads featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong will be aired on popular Sunday shows and will feature new chapters each weekend. This move by Coinbase highlights the importance of crypto to US citizens following a March report from venture capital firm Electric Capital which stated that due to its regulatory stance on digital assets, there is potential for America missing out on significant technological and economic opportunities.

China’s Advancement With Cryptocurrency

The report also highlighted how China is embracing this technology and advancing its use to project power globally. It said that “crypto and blockchain technologies are next wave of Internet, with potential to fundamentally change money, financial system…and Internet more broadly” as well as pointing out how losing market share in blockchain software development means there needs to be some action taken by America so it can remain preeminent in terms of finance-related tech capabilities.

Implications For The US

This shift towards cryptocurrency may have big implications for both individuals and businesses based in United States given how much access they currently have when it comes to traditional banking services versus those who don’t have any access or limited access due to location or other factors like fees/charges levied by banks etc . Furthermore , it might give them an edge over others in terms of being able to transact faster or cheaper without having worry about any restrictions placed by governments or central authorities due their decentralized nature which makes them censorship resistant .


In conclusion , adopting cryptocurrency technology could potentially provide a whole host of benefits for those living within United States such as greater access , greater security , faster transactions , lower fees etc . Therefore it is important for America not only stay ahead but also lead when it comes advancements related cryptocurrencies if they want remain competitive globally .